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Drink and Aid Stations

Race Schedule: FAQ


Event drink stations have been located as evenly as possible to cater for the 10km, 21km and 42km race distances.  Please note there is no provision for drinks for both the 2km and 5km race, although both pass public facilities where participants can find water and toilets.  Marathon competitors have an option for the provision of Personal Drinks Station provision at the Mullaloo Beach (Tom Simpson Park) Drinks Station at the end of each lap - details below.

* - distances are approximate and aid station locations are subject to change.

Location                         Distance                           Supplied                     Medical                       Toliets  

Hillarys Dog Beach             2.8km, 13.3km,  23.9km,



Mullaloo Beach                    5.6km, 10.5km, 16km,       (Start/Finish)                       21.1km,  26.7km, 31.7km,                                                 37.3km                   

Mullaloo Beach North           7km,  9km, 17.4km,           (Key West)                            19.4km,  28.2km,  30.2km,                                                38.7km,  40.7km               

Finish- recovery        42.2km         




Water +                       

Water/Cola (laps 3-4)

Personal Drinks


 Water + Fruit

SiS Go Electrolyte



Personal Drink Stations (Marathon)

Marathon competitors have provision for a Personal Drink Station option at the end of each lap.  This is near the lap turn at the Tom Simpson Park aid station.


  • The Personal Drinks service is available to competitors in the full marathon only

  • Drink containers must be personally dropped at the Tom Simpson Park aid station by the athlete (this is located near the start).  You can place more than one container/bottle.

  • Gels and energy snacks can also be left at the table but should also be clearly labelled with you race number or name.

  • No Balloons, flags or sticks are to be attached to bottles

  • Your race number or name must be clearly shown on the bottle container

  • It is your responsibility to find your own bottle at the Personal Drinks Station

  • You must not drop your bottle on course, it must be dropped at an aid station waste zone or place it on the empty table on the left of the path when exiting the aid station zone 'outbound'.  Our Sunset Coast Coast happiness team member will then return it to the Personal Drinks Station for your next lap 'inbound'  on the opposite side of the path.   So athletes pick up their bottle on entry to the aid station zone and dispose or place it on the allocated table on exiting the aid station zone after each lap pass through the Start/Finish Aid Station at Mullaloo Beach (Tom Simpson Park)

  • Special Drink containers must be retrieved post event by 12:30am after which they will be returned to the registration area for pickup.

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